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How do I close an account for a deceased person?

There are two ways to close an account for a deceased person.

If you can make a payment:

  1. Make a payment for the full account balance
  2. Return any transponders from the account
  3. Return or transfer any plate(s) (including trailer plates) by visiting a Service Ontario location (this is important to ensure there are no future bills sent to this account)

Note: Though not required, you are still encouraged to send us a copy of the Death Certificate to

If payment is not possible:

You may send us one of the following documents to and we will assist you with closing the account:

  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • Funeral card
  • Probate letter
  • Legal form from an attorney or court

Please include the name and address of the estate or person responsible for the deceased’s affairs. The executor or next of kin is contacted within seven business days.

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