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FAQ - Bankruptcy After Nov 13, 2015

Does this FAQ apply to me?

If you made an assignment into bankruptcy before November 13, 2015 these Frequently Asked Questions do not apply to you. Please refer instead to the Frequently Asked Questions for customers who made an assignment in bankruptcy before November 13, 2015.

How will my bankruptcy affect my debt which may be in plate denial?

If 407 ETR receives evidence of your assignment and discharge from bankruptcy, and pre-bankruptcy amounts owed to 407 ETR are in plate denial, a credit will be applied to your 407 ETR account and the Ministry of Transportation will be advised to update their records to reflect this credit.

You will be removed from plate denial if:

  1. you have not incurred any new debt with 407 ETR for which you may be in plate denial since your assignment into bankruptcy; and
  2. you have no other debts with the Ministry of Transportation (e.g. parking tickets) for which plate denial is in effect.

How shall I communicate with 407 ETR regarding my bankruptcy?

Please have your Trustee in Bankruptcy contact our office.

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