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I have a transponder - why did I get Camera Charges?

Camera Charges can occur when a transponder battery is low or dead, the transponder is not mounted on the windshield, your vehicle has a metalized windshield, or the transponder is being used between vehicles.

If your transponder is not shared between vehicles and you received a Camera Charge, you can request a charge adjustment through your MyAccount if:

  • The Camera Charge(s) is from your most recent statement
  • Your 407 ETR account has an equal number of registered transponders to plates

To request a Camera Charge adjustment:

  1. Log into My Account If you don't have a My Account, create one now.
  2. Click on your most recent statement under "Recent Activities".
  3. Click on "Request Charge Adjustment".
  4. Select your account number and click "Go".

If you still need help, please chat with a live agent.

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