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Teens Learn to Drive and 407 ETR Team Up to Help Young Drivers

TORONTO, December 18, 2015

We have the impression that drunk, texting teens are tearing up the roads and crashing. In fact, most teen-driver crashes result from a wider variety of causes – and the Sweet Life Road Show aims to prevent them – with the help of 407 ETR.

The Sweet Life Road Show is an interactive event for Ontario high school students that raises awareness about the top 10 risks to teens and uses computer gaming, peer theatre and fun activities to help them discover strategies to protect themselves. It includes alcohol impairment and distractions; but also drugged driving, drowsy driving, winter driving, sharing the road with trucks, seatbelts and the other top risks that contribute to crashes.

“We travel around Ontario with the cool yellow Sweet Life Road Show event trailer that 407 ETR has provided for us,” says Anne Marie Hayes, president of Teens Learn to Drive Inc., which produces the Sweet Life Road Show events. “They also continue to directly support our events and donate gift cards for 407 ETR travel that we award as door prizes at the events we do for parents of teens who are learning to drive.”

“407 ETR continues to support initiatives like these as supporting safety both on and off the highway is a critical part of the service we provide to the communities we serve,” said 407 ETR President and Chief Executive Officer, Jose Tamariz. “Teens Learn to Drive is one of the many community based organizations (such as area hospitals, education, youth sports and the United Way) that 407 ETR and its employees support. We wish to thank Teens Learn to Drive for their ongoing commitment to ensuring new drivers learn the right skills and attitudes before getting behind the wheel.”

In 2016, the events will engage more than 6,000 teens in over 20 Ontario high schools. CAASCO is the presenting sponsor for the events.

About Teens Learn to Drive Inc.
Teens Learn to Drive Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities through education. Anne Marie Hayes is the founder and President of Teens Learn to Drive, and started the Sweet Life Road Show in 2013.

For more information, please contact:
Anne Marie Hayes
647-227-4220 |

Teens Learn to Drive and 407 ETR Team Up

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