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COVID-19 Repayment Assistance Program

The purpose of the 407 ETR COVID-19 Repayment Assistance Program (the "Program") is to assist qualifying personal accounts and businesses, who are currently experiencing financial constraints, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with relief through debt repayment solutions.

Program details

Upon admission to the Program, any applicable plate denial will be lifted upon a payment receipt of 20% of the outstanding balance (for personal accounts), at the discretion of 407 ETR. For businesses, applicable plate denial will be lifted upon payment of 25% of the outstanding balance, at the discretion of 407 ETR. While you are enrolled in the Repayment Assistance Program, any interest on your unpaid balance will be suspended. Repayment terms will be agreed upon based on your balance owing and ability to pay. Repayment plans are not to exceed 12 months for both personal and business accounts.

If your application to the COVID-19 Repayment Assistance Program is unsuccessful, your obligations, responsibilities, liability and status in respect of your said account will remain unchanged.


Successful applicants must meet the following criteria on the date of your application:

  • the applicant must be the 407 ETR account holder;
  • due to COVID-19, your current financial situation does not enable you to pay your 407 ETR account in full, and you are otherwise unable to secure alternate means to pay your account;
  • you have not been in default of any other 407 ETR financial hardship programs;
  • the outstanding balance on your individual 407 ETR account is a minimum of $200 and does not exceed $5,000. (Only applicable to personal accounts).

How to apply

Complete the application available at the bottom of the page and return it, via email, to the email address specified in the application. Our goal is to respond within 5 business days, however, response times may vary depending on the number of applications received.

Application for personal accounts Application for business accounts