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Transponder Returns

Customer is relaxed

Using a transponder is the best way to travel Highway 407 ETR. After three round trips, your transponder pays for itself!
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Still need to return it? Simply mail it back to us and sit back and relax. We’ll cover the cost to ship it, and cancel the transponder lease agreement once we receive it.

Tip: Wrap your transponder in tinfoil before you put it in the envelope to avoid any invalid toll charges on its way back to us. You may ship multiple transponders in one package if needed.

Options to return your transponder:

Show the 407 ETR Return ID at Canada Post:
Take your transponder, ready for delivery, to your nearest Canada Post and reference 407 ETR's Return ID: PR576257. Canada Post will print a pre-paid label for you to ship back to us.

Print a pre-paid label:
Print your pre-paid label at home and drop your packaged transponder in the nearest mailbox. You will be prompted to print the label or have your label sent to your preferred email address. Ensure that your parcel is securely packed, wrapped and reinforced.

Contact us for a pre-paid label:
Contact Us and we’ll be happy to email you a pre-paid label.

Prefer to skip the shipping?
Leave your transponder in our 24 hour secure drop box located at 6300 Steeles Avenue West, Woodbridge ON, L4H 1J1, where it will be collected and removed from your account within four business days.
Please note: Our in-person Customer Service Centre is permanently closed.