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Safeguarding your Data

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At 407 ETR, we recognize the importance of protecting your personal information.

We have a strong data security strategy in place to help ensure the safety of customer information. Our efforts are focused on preventing the unauthorized access, use, disclosure and loss of data and we’re continually enhancing our security systems to stay ahead of potential cybersecurity risks.

Recognizing Suspicious Activity

We communicate with our customers in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, scammers are sophisticated and may impersonate 407 ETR to trick you into taking an action that could allow them to steal your data. These scams can include fraudulent text messages, social media posts, websites, print letters and telephone calls.

Things we do

These are the types of communications you may see from 407 ETR.

We send payment reminder text messages from a six-digit number. Messages don’t contain any personal or account information and include a link to our secure payment web page. Our texts never include a direct link to pay.

We make outbound automated payment reminder calls. The call doesn’t ask for personal information and gives instructions to log into My Account to view and pay your bill.

Most of our emails are sent from, and We reach out to contest winners from our official social media channels, by email and sometimes by phone.

Things we don't do

These are things you'll never see in our communications.

We’ll never ask for personal information such as passwords, PINs or credit cards through any contact method.

Our communications will never contain threatening language or pressure you into taking an action.
Note: Our collections activities include calls from third-party agencies.

Staying Safe

If you’re suspicious of a text message that appears to be from 407 ETR, take these steps to stay safe.

Don't click the link

Never click on a link that you suspect could be a scam.

Log in to be sure

Log into My Account to confirm your balance and make a payment.

Report it

If you’ve received a suspicious communication, you can report it to the Anti-Fraud Centre.

Our Approach to Data Security

Here’s some of the things we do to keep your personal information secure.

  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities
  • Use security controls to ensure only authorized employees are accessing data.
  • Ensure we're compliant with current data protection laws and regulations.
  • Provide corporate-wide training on awareness and data security best practices.

Read our Privacy Notice.